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>> tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. >> oh, gosh. >> i'll tell you what, the speaker cracked down on his constituenty and he asked everybody to get in line and i think the tea party has begun to listen. the democrats united in not listening but republicans saying the speaker has got really a good point. >> it happened yesterday morning at a house of representatives, the g.o.p. leadership conference. they had all 87 members of the tea party, freshmen class in there and everybody else as well and john boehner apparently did a stellar performance because at the conclusion, he wound up with the standing ovation. he said and this is a quotation, that's how i'm going to use the little language. get your ass in line! i can't do this job unless you're behind me. apparently, it worked. >> he needs 23 republicans to pass this bill and apparently, he's getting more and more of them specifically some of the tea party republicans who up until this point had really not
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been in step with john boehner. now, apparently, eric cantor, the house majority leader who many people thought was at odds with john boehner from time to time during these discussions, he also told republicans yesterday to stop grumbling and whining and rally around this bill. i mean, i guess their whole point here is they believe this is the last chance to hold the president's feet to the fire because if they pass this thing in the house, it then goes to the senate. it's going to be amended but then it goes back to the house and ultimately ends up on the president's desk. so what would he ultimately do at the last hour? veto it? >> you know what? that's going to be interesting because i don't know if it's going to get to the senate. they voted together to not like it and what else is new? so the speaker came out and came out with this plan and essentially we'll cut $917 billion over the next 10 years but in six months, they sit down and figure out a way, the super commission is going to be convened and in november, they're going to say, ok, here's how it cut $1.8 trillion. it will be a two phase process.
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meanwhile, while john boehner was on the -- with laura ingraham talking about what he was going through and what this process was about. >> listen, this is time to do what is doable. and this bill isn't perfect. i told the members that the last couple of days. but it's -- that's what happens when you have a democrat-controlled senate and a democrat in the white house. this bill on sunday was agreed to by the bipartisan senate leadership and working with me and we believe that we can get this on the president's desk and make it law. >> so he was very passionate yesterday to the freshmen and apparently, it worked when allen west left the room, he told the reporter when asked whether or not the boehner bill would pass the house. he said "i'd almost put my retirement check on it." he went on to say, i think that nancy pelosi, harry reid and president obama are going to be kind of surprised tomorrow night." meaning tonight. in the meantime, though, all the senate democrats, 53 of them, i
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believe, have sent a letter in unison to the speaker of the house, john boehner, vowing that they will all vote against this bill. here's reaction from some of the democrats. >> the speaker is wasting precious time. every day he spends twisting arms in his caucus, we careen closer to catastrophic default. how many times does he have to throw red meat to the extreme right in his caucus to please them? enough already. let's get moving and get something real done. >> they're going to say they hate it right now because they don't want it to pass because this puts the president -- >> it doesn't matter! i mean -- >> it does. >> harry reid put out a bill to the right of barack obama. john boehner put a bill out to the right of harry reid. >> to the right of harry reid? >> that's right. harry reid says we disagree with the president, basically we're not going to raise taxes but cut spending. we've moved the debate for
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however much you want to raise that debt limit, you got to cut more spending. that's where we begun this debate and harry reid has basically agreed with that premise. >> when you talk about how much money the democrats want and remember, harry reid & company and the president of the united states, they would like $2.4 trillion as a debt ceiling extension. that would help the democrats through the next election. but people are going clearly this is a political thing, right? because in the past, usually, the debt term extensions are pretty short. in fact, we have a graphic to show you that over the last 40 years, there have been 37 debt ceiling increases. they just lasted six months. and since 1972, increases have lasted only about an average of seven months so for the president to ask for something that would get him through the next election, that's something on order of, what, three times longer than normal? >> right, except we haven't
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been having a discussion about the debt in the scope that we're having it this time around. in the beginning, republicans also wanted a long term deal because let's face it, they wanted -- paul ryan, you just heard from him. he wanted a long term deal because they wanted to slash entitlements and medicare and get to the heart of the matter here to put america back on track for the future. so you can argue it both ways that yes, a short term deal is not good for president obama's re-election right now but i think initially both sides wanted a long term deal. >> what happens today? peter doocy is live in washington, d.c. with the details. peter? >> brian, you guys have been talking about it. tuesday's deadline getting closer by the minute so today, congress, are going to keep going back and forth, house and senate, republicans and democrats doing the best for their bases. the house today led by speaker boehner is going to first vote at some point. we think the final series of votes will come sometime around 8:00 p.m. on a g.o.p. bill that would cut spending by $1.2
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trillion and raise the debt ceiling by more than $900 billion with more spending cuts coming later on. they want that later on to be fixed months from now smack dab in the middle of campaign season. no matter what happens in the lower house, this is not expected to ever pass the senate because all 53 democrats in the house sent speaker boehner a letter yesterday saying it's not going to pass the senate. no way, no how. they would prefer their leader's plan, democrat harry reid saying the best solution is to raise the debt ceiling $2.4 trillion and cut spending a little more than that. $2.7 trillion and have all that last through 2013 which would mean it wouldn't have to come up before the 2012 election. reid's plan, though, would need 60 votes to clear the senate and it is not expected to get that which means that leaders from the senate and the house are likely going to have to get back together to try to come to some kind of a compromise. if they do, still not going to be law until the president signs it. he only has five days to do that. guys? >> all right, peter doocy live in d.c. with the very latest. obviously what's going on in washington is making the stock
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market jittery. yesterday, the s&p 500 closed down 2%. >> now, to the other stories making headlines right now, the f.b.i. joining the search for a missing 11-year-old girl. she was last seen in her home in new hampshire wednesday night. her parents discovered her gone the next morning when she was not in her bedroom. no evidence of a struggle or no evidence she ran away. new video from the bomb blast in oslo, norway that left people dead. surveillance video shows the moment of impact. store windows blown out, merchandise thrown on the floor, nobody said was hurt. anders breivik claimed responsibility for the bombing and killing 76 people on the shootings on that neighboring island. texas bracing for tropical storm don but many are happy about it. the storm expected to make landfall tomorrow night north of corpus christi. it would dump a few inches of rain on a region facing an exceptional drought. that's the welcome news.
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but it also comes with just two weeks left in the cotton harvest and farmers would rather that don go elsewhere. so they can get their work done. late last night, a nasty riot breaks out on hollywood boulevard. right outside grauman's chinese thee theaters. hundreds of people were taking part in a rave when things got out of hand. they attacked the cop cars and officers responded by firing bean bags at them. no one was hurt but cops did bust several people. and those are your quick headlines. >> somebody, a d.j. or somebody like that twittered there was going to be a flash mob there. everybody showed up. >> when you fly on an airplane, you have the possibility of catching a bug of some sort because you're in close quarters with a bunch of other people and the airflow doesn't have the best circulation. could it be that a bunch of pilots gave each other some kind of illness? on continental airlines, 24 flights had to be canceled yesterday because a bunch of pie rots called out sick or could it be that they can't come to an agreement with the airline on
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their next deal? >> joe biden didn't illustrate how it could be flying so that's why not a lot of his family did during that perilous time. i suspect there's some kind of union sickout and i feel bad for the passengers that chose continental. >> sure. and what's at play behind the scenes. it's a fact that continental got bought out by -- they merged with united in the last year and this year, they've got more pilots than they had last year. and now, it's all about the union stuff. a bunch of these guys are calling in sick to try to make sure that they have job security. >> if you want to know the number one syndicated show around now that oprah is not involved, you look at "jeopardy" or "wheel of fortune" they've been one or two. alex trebek has been the long time host of "jeopardy" and he thought it would be a good idea to get a side gig and be a host of a national geographic high school stage show where they have a trivia contest. the day before he was staying in
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the san francisco marriott, when he heard i imagine some scuffling. he went out to see what was going on. >> in his hotel room. >> in his hotel room and he found a burglar. >> yes, so let me put this that the form of a question. who is lusen demoires, the woman going through their suitcase. mr. trebek and his wife were awokened. she apparently carted out cash and sentimental bracelet and other stuff. he gave chase until his achilles tendon gave out, he heard a snap, went down and injured his other leg. >> he called security but they were able to recover his wallet and the suspect, they were able to track her down and now she's been charged with the crime and it looks like mr. trebek will be on crutches for a little bit. >> that's a tough thing about trying to fight krcriminals whe you get to a certain age, you should stretch out before you chase down a criminal. we've been over this.
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>> he'll wind up having surgery tomorrow to fix his achilles tendon. the show will go on. they're hosting "jeopardy" on tuesday after they tape another five shows in one day. >> coming up straight ahead, john mccain, fan of the lord of the rings? >> the tea party hobbitts could return to middle earth having defeated morgor. >> fellow republicans cracks only making our debt problem harder to solve? >> actually reading from "the wall street journal." >> we already outsourced our space program to russia. why not outsource one of our wars, too? shawn bolton weighs in on that decision.
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and earn double miles on every purchase, every day. go to what's in your wallet? >> last week's landing of the shuttle atlantis put a virtual
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end to the u.s. space program and you watched it here. now, u.s. astronauts will have to hitch a ride with russians if they want to get into space at all and now we're turning to russia even more. to the kremlin to resolve the conflict in libya. here with us is fox news contributor and former ambassador to the united nations, ambassador bolten. astounding couple of events. first off the space program. if we're out of step with tspac shuttle from the 1970's technology, they're using 1960's technology to get us up there. >> this is a huge embarrassment and represents a failure in washington that's gone on for several years in the executive branch in congress. not to see that we were flying the wings off the space shuttles. we needed replacement vehicles and we didn't plan for it. we didn't budget for it at a time when our deficits are going out of control, we have to pay the russians to get into space. >> now, let's talk about libya. the russians were dead set against it.
6:16 am
the chinese dead set against it. we rallied behind the french and british and put together an operation to save those that are about to be slaughtered. now, we're turning to russia to broker a peace deal? >> this goes beyond embarrassment. this is a real failure of american leadership, a real failure by president obama. this operation in libya by nato has turned into a debacle. but now, to ask the russians to intervene between our most important alliance, nato, and qaddafi is an admission of weakness that will reverberate around the world. this is a real defeat for the united states and nato. >> and not only that, ambassador, since when do we have to outsource our peace talks with the russians? i didn't know they had a peace division, number one. and number two, now we have to do a situation where qaddafi maybe stays in country, just supposedly is not in power? the rebels, the british and the french agreed to this deal? >> the british and the french have said so publicly and we apparently have proposed this
6:17 am
qaddafi privately. you know, allowing qaddafi to stay in power just means the civil war will reignite at some later point and the reason anybody is even talking about it is because a mistake in intervention by the international criminal court indicting qaddafi, making it impossible for him to leave the country. this whole thing has been mishandled by obama and nato. but now, to bring the russians in, to invite them to mediate is to give them the upper hand in post-qaddafi libya. it just boggles the mind. >> there's a lack of logic. 75% of the costs for this operation are falling on our shoulders. so we're writing the checks and ultimately, al-megrahi, one of the masterminds of the lockerbie bombing appears on television a couple of days ago. >> look, the only acceptable outcome in libya today is for nato to prevail and oust qaddafi from power. anything less than that is a defeat. it risks terrorists having a base inside libya among the
6:18 am
opposition. it risks qaddafi coming back to power and resuming terrorism as he is threatened. it's just -- i know we're focused on the budget debate here in washington but the rest of the world goes on. and this news from libya is very bad for the united states. >> and usually, you can count on joe lieberman, senator graham and senator mccain to talk about it. so far, they're all distracted. ambassador bolton, looking forward to talking to you again and i know you're going to decide on running for president in september. >> soon enough, exactly. >> thank you very much. >> take care. >> we move ahead on this morning edition of "fox & friends." he crashed his planes in the middle of lake huron and survived. treading water for almost an entire day. this may be the height of -- and that's one story we'll cover. this may be the height of hypocrisy. billionaire george soros who pushed the democrat agenda for bigger government and higher taxes doesn't want to follow those rules for his own company. stuart varney is here with the outrage and i think he's getting in my tea. [ male announcer ] there's more than one
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>> quick headlines on this thursday. al-qaida's new leader releasing his first message since taking control of the terror outfit. usama bin laden's right hand man praising syrian protesters trying to overthrow their president. he trained the uprising as an islamic battle against the united states and israel. and the next six to 12 years, not so rosie for new york's bouquet bandit. he copped a plea to holding up two banks last july armed with just a beautiful bouquet of
6:23 am
flowers or a potted plant. he's going to jail. >> this may be the height of hypocrisy. billionaire george soros who funds the democrats' agenda for a bigger government and more regulation now doesn't like the rules he asked for. that's because they would require his hedge fund now to register with the sec by next march if it continued to trade money from outside investors. >> stuart varney who has interviewed george soros in the past joins us live to talk about this. so he can't just take the heat so he's getting on of the hedge fund business. >> yes, this irony here, here's a man that plugged hard for financial regulation. let's roll with it. let's get those financial institutions in order. well, now, we've got the regulations and he doesn't like them. so he's not going to -- he's want going to manage other people's money any longer. he's getting out of that side of the hedge fund business after i think 35 years and it's the regulations which he pushed for which is pushing him out of the hedge fund business in that
6:24 am
respect. >> he could have more free time to get involved in other political causes. that is the theory because he's not going to be hedging it. >> would that be good news? perhaps not. this man has a history of being a great moneymaker and he wants to be a kind of philosopher king and often come in contrast, in contribution. back in the 1990's, he bet heavily against thailand. the thais had to defend themselves with billions of dollars. eventually they went under. and the thais were left in misery and george soros walks away with hundreds of millions of dollars in profits. >> you're leaving out the fact that he broke the bank of england. >> let's not forget that. but yes, that was a contentious interview i did with him on that point. now, fast forward. recently, he's been making money on off-shore drilling, off shore brazil. while at the same time, you know, really supporting obama who doesn't want any off-shore drilling in the gulf of mexico for our own oil -- >> let me get it clear, the new regulation for hedge funds has to do with outside money so he
6:25 am
can continue to invest and deal with his own personal money which would still be in the billions. >> over $20 billion that he will manage of his own family money, his money, family money, yes. the problem with these regulations or george soros is that he would have to reveal the names of the investors and how much they've got with him. i don't think he wants to do that. >> why not? >> he just doesn't -- >> that would be speculation on my part. >> wondering why he wouldn't want to do that. >> he's got a billion dollars, you want to be secret about it. you want to be secret. >> and we won't know because now the people who invested in that particular hedge fund, he's simply going to give the money back. >> that's right. he gives them the money back. they go elsewhere. he walks away from that side of the business because the regulations that he supported. >> i have a quote for you. i'm going to share it with you but i can't do his voice. i have made it a principle since says george soros to pursue the self-interest of my business to be guided by the public interest. if the two are in conflict, the public interest ought to prevail
6:26 am
and that's what he said on june 23rdrd. >> tell that to the thais who were left in misery after he made hundreds of millions in dollars in profits. >> wasn't in their public interest. >> that set off the asi contagion currency crisis. they lost their shirts. they live in misery to this day and he made hundreds of millions. where's the public interest? >> good point. >> you're going to be talking about the public interest on your show at 9:20 on the fox business network. >> yes, i am. i do not like billionaire socialists who hate america and try to make money out of our ruin. i don't like that. 9:20 is my show. >> and you're going to be talking about the public interest of people's 401k. >> it was a big vote in the house today, what's going to happen with your 401k on the outcome of that vote. >> we have to focus on gretchen's 401k. >> revealing all, gretchen? >> no. next on the rundown, who knew john mccain was a fan of "lord
6:27 am
of the rings"? >> tea party hobbitts could return to mother earth. >> why he's turning on republicans, the tea party ones at least in the debt debate. >> and these two soldiers served together but did not come home together. now they are side by side at arlington national cemetery but their friendship lives on through an amazing story that both of their families are here to share and that's coming up. >> happy birthday, elizabeth berkeley! that actress turns 39 today. and i'll list her movies in the break. ♪ [ female announcer ] erybody loves that cushiony feeling.
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>> believe it or not, there's a storm brewing outside of washington, d.c. we're talking about tropical storm don. heading right now towards texas and some people are actually happy about this tropical storm. joining us right now from galveston, ford atkinson. ford, we know that this is kind of a good news, bad news thing. bad news is you've got a tropical storm headed your way. nth >> yeah, steve, we really do need the rain. in fact, galveston is not actually in the watch area.
6:32 am
the storm is expected to hit to the south and west of us. actually, everybody in that watch area and those just outside of it are actually as you indicated hoping that we get three or four inches of rain out of this tropical storm because it has been bone dry in most of texas now for about six months. the worst drought as a matter of fact on record so you got to be careful what you wish for. you know, you can -- you'd like three or four inches. what you don't want is 10 or 11 inches to hit you at once because that will cause some severe flooding but right now, as you may be able to see behind me, the gulf of mexico looks very normal. you see the normal waves just about 6 inches to a foot high. nothing out of the unusual. we're just hoping that in 36 hours, we get some rain out of this. 3 to 4 inches would be just fine. >> all right. ford atkinson right there along the gulf coast with the latest on tropical storm don. thank you, sir. >> now to the other stories
6:33 am
making headlines for your thursday. a convicted murderer who escaped a florida prison during a power outage in 1979. back behind bars after 32 years on the run. frederick baric arrested in a remote area of colorado where he had been hiding out in a cabin and growing marijuana. investigators say a distinctive tattoo on his hand gave him away. u.s. marshalls made the arrest posing as four strangers who wanted to talk to him about wildfire danger. >> took 13 years to complete but russia plans to sink the international space station when it reaches the end of its life se cycle after 2020. they believe it's too risky to leave the station in orbit because of its size. remember skylab. i'm still looking up for that. billions of dollars have gone into the station and coincidentally funding will expire in 2020. its predecessor was sunk in the pacific ocean 10 years ago and that almost hit me. >> used to have a friend named -- we called him skylab, you never knew when he was going to drop in. >> really?
6:34 am
>> it's true. pilot of a cessna went down over lake huron rescued but the crash, only the beginning of michael traps' adventure. he had to swim and tread water without a life jacket for 18 hours! he says he swam about 15 miles towards lights he saw in the horizon until a fisherman spotted him. his rescuers offered him water but he said no thanks, no more water for me and no more flying either. >> we know joe pesci doesn't like to be messed with. >> funny how? funny like aim a clown, i amuse you, i make you laugh? i'm here to [beep] amuse you. how am i funny? >> now he's suing the producers of the new gotti movie saying they misled him of his role. he was offered the role of gotti's friend and enforcer with a $3 million pay day and he gained 30 pounds for the role. he claims they pulled the deal
6:35 am
and offered him a lesser deal for fewer bucks. they say pesci is the one that backed out of the deal. >> it's so confusing. >> kind of like on capitol hill, who do you believe? if you listen to john mccain, he's not so much a fan of the members of his own party that belong to the tea party part of the republican party. he was quoting a "wall street journal" editorial yesterday when he called members of the tea party hobbitts. >> the tea party hobbitts could return to middle earth having defeated morgor. this is the kind of crack political thinking that turned sharon engle and christine o'donnell into g.o.p. senate nominees. the reality is that the debt limit will be raised one way or another, and the only issue now is how -- with how much fiscal reform and what political fallout. >> is this an example of democrats getting exactly what they want? having republicans turning on republicans. having senator john mccain turn
6:36 am
around and say the problem is the tea party and that's exactly what people like senator schumer and president obama have been saying. >> right and "the wall street journal" editorial from yesterday that he was reading about said look, unless the house and senate pass the boehner bill, the republicans are going to get blamed for re-electing president obama and any harm that would come to the economy. he was a guest on the show on hannity program last night and he really took him to task for remarks about the tea party. >> i wasn't attacking the tea partiers or anybody. what i was trying to point out in "the wall street journal" was we need to act with our own spending cuts, with our own legitimate spending cuts in that way, then all the pressure will be on the president and the democrats under harry reid. >> i don't want to shut down the government. i think boehner has a good proposal and i think that we ought to support it and if the democrats and president obama don't want to support it, then it's their problem we're shutting down the government. >> it was -- it was interesting
6:37 am
respectful conversation. they want back and forth and guess what? there's another plot. joe biden, mitch mcconnell are talking about yet, another overarching plan that would supersede even the boehner plan that john mccain was referring to. >> all right. so we'll keep you updated on that. in the meantime, over to gretch. >> thanks, guys. >> to the people who knew travis manning and brendan looney, it was so surprised that they became fast friends. as roommates at the naval academy, they shared a love of country and sadly the same tragic ending. both were killed while on duty for our country. travis in iraq and brendan in afghanistan. now their families are doing all they can to make sure that their deaths and others will not be in vain. janet manning is the mother of the late first lieutenant trafs manion and she's the widow of brendan looney and they're my guests today. first of all, so sorry for your tragic loss. it's so hard to see the pictures
6:38 am
of them together. they were best of friends and amy, you were part of the group with them, right? >> absolutely. >> so please, if you can, share your wonderful memories of the people that you loved. >> oh, my goodness. i don't even know where to begin. i mean, i met brendan back in 2003 and, you know, we had been dating and got married in 2008. so travis, we, you know, we're both very close friends with when brendan was at the naval academy and we -- you know, they continued their friendship, you know, all the way up until 2007 and obviously, something that will carry forth always in the future, now that they're laying at rest next to each other. >> so we have a young widow here and we have a mother who mourns for the loss of her son. tell us about travis. >> well, travis was special. he was just -- he loved people. he loved living. and he loved doing things for others. so that's why through our foundation, we honor the fallen
6:39 am
by challenging the living. it's something we have to keep their spirits alive. all the brave men and women that's sacrificed for our freedom. >> uh-huh. so many people would think to themselves, wow, when i lose somebody from my family, maybe i would just sit at home and never do anything ever again but the two of you have decided to do something so wonderful and here you are making this race that you've created, it's now in 35 cities across the country. tell me about it. >> yeah, it's an amazing way for everyone in the community, you know, we want to make sure that, of course, personally to honor brendan and travis but to honor all men and women in uniform. to honor all the firefighters, emt's, police officers, that we've lost over, you know, the last 10 years as of september 11th and we're doing a 5k in, you know, thanks to the efforts of chevrolet, you know, we're able to fund something that's so wonderful and it's going to create such an impact to help, you know, even if you come out, you run the race, you volunteer,
6:40 am
you cheer. that's your way of showing support that we can honor all of these people that have made such a huge sacrifice for the country. >> janet, what is the big announcement today that you've partnered with general motors and chevrolet? >> yes, the general motors foundation and chevrolet has stepped into the arena and rose to the occasion to make our dream a reality. travis spent -- before he left on his second tour to iraq, he came up here and spent the day with rescue one right here in new york city. and after telling 9/11 stories, he came home with a hat they had given him. on the back, it said "9/11, never forget" and he handed it to his father and he said dad, wear this while i'm gone. this is why we are in iraq and afghanistan. >> sometimes people forget because it's been 10 years now why exactly we ended up in those two countries and it was all coming back to 9/11. i want to get your thoughts on something now that's going on there because the memorial is finally going to be built and going up and just the other day,
6:41 am
they put in this cross as you can see on our screen here. it was a structure from the steel from the world trade center towers that happened to come out looking that way. and now, a group of atheists suing to have that removed. amy, your thoughts on that? >> i mean, it's -- you know, i think it's to each his own, you know. and if that's what, you know, the way that they want to do it, it's, you know, i think -- what do you think about that one? >> to me, it's comforting and i think it's probably comforting to a lot of people. but that's what's so great about america. we can voice our opinion and that's what our brave men and women fight for every day, the freedom to do that. so god bless america. >> that's what it's all about and that's what your loved ones were doing for our nation when they tragically lost their lives. we thank you so much for their service and if people want to learn more about how to get involved in the races that you are now behind, they can go to
6:42 am and we will link them to your web site. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> let's go to steve and brian. >> thank you, ladies. next up, brian kilmeade puts david beckham on the spot. >> david beckham, are you ready to turn the page and if so, have you figured out what would be next? >> the soccer star on his future in sports. you're going to want to stick around for that. plus friends, foes, how about it's complicated? dr. keith ablow breaks down some of the relationships in washington's debt mess. >> according to a new poll, president obama losing support from his own party. you want to know how bad it is. today, jimmy carter compared him to jimmy carter. that's how bad. [ thomas ] my sophomore year, i was pretty confused,
6:43 am
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6:46 am
fans throughout the world. so what's next for david beckham? i caught up with him in new york city. sna>> so david beckham, in 2007, you come out and you say i'm going to join the l.a. galaxy and join major league soccer. here we are in the all star break in 2011. how has it is journey been? >> it's been amazing. you know, i've enjoyed it. it's something that i knew when i arrived it was going to be a challenge to adjust to playing in a different country and in a different, you know, environment but i've enjoyed it. >> since you've taken -- since you've come into the league, nine stadiums have been built. seven teams have been added. the franchise has doubled in value. so that's got to feel good. >> you know, i always said from day one that it's not going to be about, you know, the next one or two years. after, you know, 10, 15 years,
6:47 am
it's going to be to a level where it's going to be able to compete with some of the top leagues in the world. >> on the other side, there are times that injuries have been tough and sometimes you've got into it with fans a little bit, right? >> yeah. and my own fans which i've never had before from anywhere that i've played, you know, that was the tough part for me to understand. yeah, i knew that there was going to be some unhappy fans with the fact that i went on loan when i was out of season and then it continued into our season. there has been certain parts, you know, that's been, you know, something i've not understood but, you know, i'm -- i'm tough skinned. >> david, the pattern is kind of familiar. you go through some -- you go through a little tension, you come out on top. >> there has been certain things that have happened in my career that have been tough to get through. but then i've turned it around and i feel, you know, these are politics because at the end of the day, if i hadn't had gone through the abuse that i was
6:48 am
getting from fans and the stuff that i went through, i probably wouldn't be as strong a person as i am now. and as strong a character as i am. >> at the end of this year, you got some big decisions to make to be 36, 37 years old. will you buy an mls franchise at the 2007 rate when they offered it to you which is worth a lot more now? how close are you to making that decision? >> i obviously have that option. and it's something i'm very interested in because i'm invested in this league but, you know, definitely owning a team interesting me a lot more than being a manager or being a coach. >> bret favre has trouble saying good-bye. evander holyfield trying to hold on, larry bird became an owner and a coach. david beckham? are you ready to turn the page and if so, have you figured out what would be next? >> i'm not ready to finish yet. i love the game too much to stop playing. >> would you like to come back here and finish? sign another contract to play in mls? >> i'm happy here. so i don't see any reason why
6:49 am
that won't happen but i think at the end of the -- end of the year, i kind of need to look at myself and look at my body and how i feel after obviously the injury that i had last year and just see how i feel and if i feel like i do right now, then i'll continue to play. >> last question, pepsi. is that you? did you hit those shots into that barrel? >> of course, i was on the beach for four or five hours. i had a lot of time to spare. >> it's true. >> yeah. >> no way. >> it's the real thing. >> he says it is anyway. >> that makes him too good to be true, ok? >> next hour, he had a daughter and he'll talk about -- and we do know this, his ex-team manchester united was in town last night to play the red bulls in newark, new jersey, they handled the mls all stars 4-0. >> great to see him. >> yeah. >> we'll look forward to the next interview coming up in the 8:00 hour.
6:50 am
meanwhile, the science is in and americans have some of the biggest brains in the world! the catch, it's not necessarily a good thing. whoopsy. >> do they really hate each other or is it just playing politics? breaking down the relationships in washington, d.c. with dr. keith ablow coming up next.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> the debt deadline less than five days away and still no deal. want to know why? we're about to put the players on the proverbial couch. here with the diagnosis, medical a team psychiatrist dr. keith ablow. good morning to you, doctor. >> good morning, steve. how are you? >> i'm fine, thank you very
6:54 am
much. let's talk a little bit about some of the relationships on capitol hill. they are tenuous at best. for instance, between boehner and cantor, you refer to them as frenemies. what's the diagnosis? >> look, here's the thing. when we talk about paralysis gripping an entity, you got to go behind the scenes sometimes and look at the individuals involved. in the case of frenemies, what can happen is because you're positively deposed to the other pepper, you play catch up and object strenuously to an idea a little bit later and then get entrenched because there's good will up front but the good will can burn out unexpectedly and you're at the side of the road with no gas left. >> no gas left. >> no gas left. >> speaking of almost out of gas, you would think of old warhorses which is the term you used to depict joe biden and mcconnell. what's your diagnosis on them and their relationship? >> i think when you look at
6:55 am
these men, they're used to confrontation that through a process and deliberation and ultimately yielding in various ways, they fight again down the road. but it's a new day. this is more like, you know, roller ball than it is like bowling. and so it can be the case that they think somehow that things will creep and crawl along and we'll come to some accommodation. it's a new day in town. these guys are playing for keeps. they were sent to washington from the tea party to change stuff. >> sure. finally, talk a little bit about the relationship between the president of the united states and the speaker of the house. it is complicated. isn't it? >> boy, is it complicated? because both people obviously have dogs in the hunt. they want to succeed. they can't be seen to be intransigent and yet, what you have to sometimes say, i do it in marriage therapy with people, steve, at a certain point, if you're sitting there and saying,
6:56 am
listen, we have a fundamental disagreement as to the philosophy of what a marriage is and i'm not sure that there's sort of the raw material here for an accord so i think then you got to focus on ok, nobody is going to get what they want. let's make sure the kids are ok. >> sure. and when you talk about the speaker and the president of the united states as we have been, that's not one of those things where they just appear to dislike each other in public, they probably dislike each other in private, too, right? >> my guess is that while each of them might be able to share a joke now and then, when you have diametrically opposed views of the way a culture should be and a society should be run and where the place of a country should be on the face of the earth in terms of its positioning, yeah, those are the kind of things that divide people for real. >> indeed. gotcha. all right, dr. keith ablow making a house call. thank you, sir. have a great day. >> all right. any time. >> all right. straight ahead, republican
6:57 am
lawmakers using movie clips to rally support. >> need your help. i can't tell you what it is. you can never ask me about it later. and we're gonna hurt some people. >> which car we gonna take? >> that clip has democrats screaming. almost tastes like one of jack's als. fiber one. h, forgot jack cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, ts is pretty good. [ male announcer ]alf a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. took some crazy risks as a kid. but i was still over the edge with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more, and now i'm also taking lipitor.
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7:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. hope you'll have a great thursday. it's july 28th. i'm gretchen carlson. john boehner calling out members i ha of his own party telling them to get their butt in line. are they going to listen to him? why democrats say it doesn't matter either way. >> what are the sticking points? reforming medicare that had $48 million in fraud last year and guess what? more may be on the way. why don't democrats want to fix the fraud? >> good question. what is a mini darth vader doing wandering the halls of our nation's capitol. why the pintsized lord was called to the hill.
7:01 am
"fox & friends" hour two starts now. >> good morning, everyone. hope you're gonna have a great thursday as we continue to watch that debt deadline that's coming up on tuesday. we'll talk about that in a moment. first, other stories making headlines right now. the f.b.i. joining the search for a missing 11-year-old girl. she was last seen in her home in new hampshire sunday night. her parents discovered she was gone the next morning when she wasn't in her bedroom. no indication of a struggle, though. and also no evidence that she ran away. new video from the bomb blast in oslo, norway, that left eight people dead. surveillance video, you're watching it right here. this is inside an electronics store. one block away from the explosion. it shows the moment of impact. store windows blown out. merchandise thrown on the floor. luckily, nobody inside that store hurt. anders breivik, the suspect
7:02 am
claiming responsibility for the bombing and killing at least 76 people. late last night, a nasty riot breaks out on hollywood boulevard right outside graumman's chinese theater. hundreds of people were taking part in a rave when things got out of hand. they were throwing glass bottles, that is, at the police officers. they were attacking their cars. officers responded by firing back bean bags. nobody was hurt. cops busted several people. remember this super bowl commercial with a mini darth vader? >> well, thanks to him, capitol hill probably felt a disturbance in the force. 6-year-old max page, star of that volkswagen commercial paid a visit to congress for family advocacy day. page had heart surgery as a baby at children's hospital in los angeles so he was in d.c. on behalf of its national association fighting for funding. very cute. and those are your headlines. hard to be scared of that darth
7:03 am
vader, though, with the cute blond hair. >> as soon as he took his hat off, i exhaled. speaker boehner has been fighting directly with the president, directly with his own caucus but yesterday, no doubt about it. he laid out his plan and he confidently told his constituents including the 87 freshmen get in line, i can't do this job unless you are behind me. and even went further than that saying -- using a word that we're usually not using. >> he said get your ass in line, i can't do this job unless you're behind me. apparently, he really rallied the troops. allen west asked afterwards if it would pass and he said i'd almost put my retirement check on it. he said from what i saw in there, there's been a pretty good change of heart. he was later on the laura ingraham radio show and here he is defending the tough talk. >> listen, this is time to do what is doable. and this bill isn't perfect. i told the members that the last couple of days. but it -- that's what happens
7:04 am
when you have a democrat-controlled senate and a democrat in the white house. this bill on sunday was agreed to by the bipartisan senate leadership ain working with me and we believe we can get this on the president's desk and make it law. >> so what we should point out is that remember, john boehner had to go back and rewrite this bill because originally, the congressional budget office, the cbo, came back and when they scored, it it didn't have as much savings as they were going to raise the debt limit. they're supposed to have $1.2 trillion in savings. that's how much they wanted to raise the debt limit. didn't have that. . only had $850 billion. this new bill, almost a trillion dollars. >> right, 917. >> here's the problem. the cbo likes harry reid's plan better. this thing, if it passes the house will go to the senate and no doubt that will be the first thing they'll say on the senate floor, harry reid at least is my plan that actually saves you more according to the cbo.
7:05 am
>> but he's not cutting anything. what he's doing is acknowledging that the wars are coming to an end in iraq and afghanistan and that saves a trillion dollars. >> it's a gimmick! >> right, wouldn't you think it's a starting point for them to come together, like he said, the republicans have their way in the house, they cannot have their way in the senate. i was surprised it wasn't a more conciliatory tone from senator reid. i know keith ablow is here saying that they really are frenemies. why not say, listen, speaker boehner and i differ on a few things. we'll get together in the next few days. instead, they state their positions. >> well, they did. and what's going to happen today is they'll have a vote in the house on the boehner bill. if it passes and it sounds like there are -- the speaker can stand to lose up to about 24. and it sounds like right now, 20 are against it. so he could actually get through and we go over to the senate where harry reid sent a letter to the speaker yesterday with 53 signatures of all the democrats saying we're not going to pass it over here. if they do pass it, what they would do -- to the senate, what
7:06 am
the senate would do is they would alter it in some fashion. but that doesn't mean the republicans in the senate are going to rubber stamp it. if they don't like it, they could force the democrats and the president to make some very tough choices. either change the bill the way the republicans like it or default! >> so in the past, did you know that we've raised the debt limit tons of times. 37 increases. we built a chart for you here. 37 increases in the last 40 years. now, usually, these -- these types of increases went unnoticed by most because it was just kind of a foregone conclusion that every six months or so, members of congress would say yea to raising the debt limit. well, this time around, you know, there's been a little bit more discussion about it and so everyone went into this hoping that we would get some sort of a long-term deal. now it looks like this boehner plan is a short term deal and one of the president has said is look, i'm going to veto this thing. why? because he wants to push this thing past the 2012 election. he wants to make sure this
7:07 am
doesn't come up again in six months and take over the whole dialogue about him getting re-elected. looks like that could happen. >> because the longer this goes on, you look at the polls and the lower his approval rating goes. clearly, the reason and it's a political calculation, the reason the president and his men and women have asked for something this gigantic, $2.4 trillion is to get us past the election. so that he can get re-elected. it's all about politics. >> it's not all about politics. >> it's about hollywood, too. >> thank you, steve. it is all about hollywood and i'm not talking about ben afleck's movie "armageddon" i'm talking about another ben afleck movie that i understand most people watched except me. it's called "the town" and this is the clip that has democrats mad and republicans rallying. it was actually shown to the republican house members two days ago. listen. >> i need your help many i can't tell you what it is. you can never ask me about it later and we're gonna hurt some people.
7:08 am
>> which car we gonna take? >> which car -- >> that means yes, he's in. >> apparently right after that ran, allen west stood up and said i'm driving the car. the democrats are upset that in that particular clip, it talks about people getting hurt. chuck schumer reacted poorly to it. listen. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is your house republican majority. in the scene, they chose to inspire their house freshmen, one of the crooks gives a pep talk to the other right before they both put on hockey masks, bludgeon two men with sticks and shoot a man in the leg. literally, in the movie, the protagonists say people are going to get hurt. but they have to go ahead and do it anyway. >> four days before default and this is what they're haggling over, that the republicans used the wrong movie? you look at the record, the democrats ce used
7:09 am
"braveheart." >> democrat reminded them of that. james clyburn reminded them they used that. i don't know. maybe they should stay out of the movie business. i want to tell you that "the town" was a good movie. >> that's what i heard. let me tell you something, where was senator schumer's outrage in "rocky 5". apollo creed lost his life to that big russian forcing sylvester stallone out of retirement. apollo creed dead, nothing! >> you made a really good point that's coming back to haunt you right now. you said, look, if the republicans and the democrats as well, if they don't want to use movies with violent imagery, maybe it's time to pull out something that's inspirational and is very, very belushi-ish. >> over? did you say over? nothing is over until we decide it is! was it over when the germans bombed pearl harbor? hell no! >> germans? >> forget it. he's rolling. >> it ain't over now!
7:10 am
because when the going gets tough -- the tough get going! who's with me? let's go! hey! >> i cannot -- you cannot watch that and not get motive ated. >> that was actually a really good depiction. up until yesterday, that was members of the tea party and john boehner running out. >> and john boehner was alone until yesterday. >> exactly. very good depiction. did you think of that? >> i thought -- i didn't actually write the script back in the 1970's. i was mature enough to enjoy it, though. >> john landis wrote the script but it's great taking us back to when the germans bombed pearl harbor. >> which might not be true because i've watched oliver north's "war stories". that's not the way it plays out. >> all right. meanwhile, straight ahead on this thursday telecast, the obama administration's fail-safe, blaming george w. bush for our bad economy. well, next up, a former member of the bush administration gets his chance to rebutt the president.
7:11 am
>> and i'll take butt kicking for 500 bucks, alex. what is trebek doing in crutches? meet the woman who caused a whole mess. >> it's getting crazy, the u.s. government now has less -- i think it's less than one week away from running out of money to pay its bills. that is official. >> yeah. >> sthings are so bad, folks, america may have to move in with canada for a while. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
7:12 am
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7:14 am
>> coming up on three years in the white house and president obama still continues to blame president bush for our sorry state of affairs right now. and with possible default now looming, president obama is looking to the past to get what he wants now. >> in the past, raising debt
7:15 am
ceiling was routine. since the 1950's, congress has always passed it. and every president has signed it. president reagan did it 18 times. george w. bush did it seven times. and we have to do it by next tuesday, august 2nd or else we won't be able to pay all of our bills. >> yep. but is the debt ceiling the same for him as it was for past presidents? >> the former chief of staff to vice president dick cheney and vice president of domestic and economic policy at the heritage foundation, david s. adamton joins us with his thoughts. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> what do you make of the fact that the boehner bill has been changed and it appears at least some of the tea party members are going to back it? do you think they should have stood firm or do you agree with it? >> the objective is to get federal spending and drive it down towards a balanced budget while keeping what we need to protect america and to do all that without raising taxes. unfortunately, none of the plans currently under consideration,
7:16 am
whether it's the boehner revised plan or the reid plan accomplishes that goal. and the only plan that's been considered here in washington in the last few weeks that does the job or at least makes a good step in the right direction was the cut, cap and balance plan that passed the house of representatives with 234 votes and the senate said we're not going to take it up and consider it. that bill was still sitting in the senate. >> the reason we're in the pickle we're in is because george bush broke it! you heard the president of the united states. what exactly is the statute of limitations on blaming a previous president? >> well, in politics, the limitation, of course, is never. but historians would look back and say every president from franklin roosevelt to the president, every congress from the roosevelt era to the president has credibiliontribut this problem. we have $14.294 trillion in debt for this country that for the child born yesterday owes $45,000 of that, if you take the
7:17 am
amount we owe and divide it by america's population. it's completely out of control. and it's time to deal with it. now, with congress and presidents over that many decades having credibilitied to this problem, it tells you the real people responsible for us is us, the american people but we're the ones that can fix it and we have to let congress know we expect them to drive down federal spending now. we need free enterprise, limited government and individual freedom in this country and they have the opportunity now to do that. >> so you do support the cut, cap and balance plan. were you always a fiscal hawk? >> we've always felt that it should be strong, limited government, less costly government. there are elements of government you have to pay for. we have to have a strong national defense. people often ask me in my job because i do domestic and economic policy at heritage what's the number one domestic or economic issue in policy for heritage? the answer has to be the
7:18 am
security of the nation. unless you have that, the rest of it isn't going to be there but the problem we face now is a clear one and the american people were clear about this in 2010 in the election sending a message. cut federal spending. >> sure and i know that you, david, prefer cut, cap and balance but, you know, that's on ice right now in the senate. that doesn't appear to be going anywhere. if the boehner bill does make it through to a signature by the president, you'll still look at that as victory of sorts, won't you? >> no, in fact, ice melts and it may be on ice right now in the senate but it looks like what's gonna happen is boehner is going to put his plan up in the house. it may pass, it may not. if it passes, it's dead in the senate. reid is putting up his plan in the senate. if it passes, it's dead in the house. >> right. >> so then it -- >> what's the next move? cut, cap and balance is still sitting there in the senate, senate can take it up. debate it. work its vote. work votes on the amendments. send it over to the house and
7:19 am
they have a plan to take the conference to solve this problem. >> great point. >> instead of the political theater they're still engaged even though five days remain. >> thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. the recession taking its toll on the tooth fairy? >> what? >> that story straight ahead. >> and the war on kids growing. more businesses telling customers to leave the kids at home. but should we be telling parents to teach them better manners instead? a heated debate coming up from the other side of this break. getting grime from deep inside grout takes the right tools, but also a caring touch. you learn to get a feel for the trouble spots.
7:20 am
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>> welcome to news by the
7:23 am
numbers. i'm in the control room. don't try to follow me. you'll never break security. 56 miles per gallon, that's the new fuel efficiency. that's the target president obama has set for the year 2025. i'll be 31. automakers say the new standard threatens their recovery. let's go to the bottom screen and look at brains. next 20%. scientists say that's how much bigger people's brains are north of the equator. do you believe this? but size doesn't matter. northerners are not any smarter than their counterparts when it comes to that. and back up top finally $2.60. that's the average price per tooth left by the tooth fairy. it's down $0.40 from last year. my daughter lost her -- this tooth, it cost me more than $2.60. according to that teleprompter, i got nothing else to say. >> all right. thank you, brian. a pittsburgh area restaurant got national attention and support for banning kids under 6 years old.
7:24 am
but children are getting locked out of everything from hotels to airlines. so what's with the supposed war on kids? here for a fair and balanced debate are steven traub, director of operations for prime hospitality group and susan avery, a parenting journalist and digital director for "more" magazine. they're both parents that makes them exactly right for this debate. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> so susan, let me start with you. we covered this story of mcdayn's restaurant in pennsylvania who suddenly said we've had too many complaints about the kids, we're not going to allow them anymore under the age of 6 and they got more patrons coming to their restaurant. do you think it was a good idea? >> yeah, what do you think? if you're a restaurant and getting more business because you're making a business decision, it was definitely a good idea for them. >> so now, steven, it seems to be catching on. now malaysia airlines announcing it's going to ban infants from first class. whole food stores in missouri are offering child free shopping hours. i want to say that they offer childcare on the side so maybe that is a good thing.
7:25 am
what do you think? >> i mean, the point is in today's economy to limit your customer base and say i'm only going to accept certain types of customers rather than others, why children are singled out. first of all, like children, just assuming that children are badly behaved and limiting them to be coming in certain sections of time is really unfair to the children and to the parents themselves. >> so you think that parents who teach their kids good manners and their kids are well behaved in restaurants, that they're being punished because other parents aren't doing that right now. >> exactly. parents are -- parents can train their children like this is what we're going to be doing -- going to be doing when we go out in public. this is how i want you to behave. i want you to try to sit quietly and do what you can and just behave and then hopefully you'll get rewarded for it. >> all right. but steven, i want to be at your house 24/7 because susan, we all know as parents, you can say that to your kids but especially with 3, 4 and under, you don't always get that result, do you? >> no, you know, preschoolers and toddlers are unpredictable. that's the way it is.
7:26 am
and if, you know, an adult is going out for an adult meal, overwhelmingly, our readers are saying who are parents themselves it would be great if i can go to a restaurant and not have to have the kid next to me, you know, potentially picking his nose, or, you know, under the table or causing a ruckus. that's the kind of adult experience i'm looking for and, you know, these little kids are unpredictable. i think it's perfectly fine for restaurateurs to do this. >> steven, you have three restaurants in the new york city area. i take it you're never going to be banning kids any time soon. >> definitely not. my sons actually forward to it. they learn to deal with service, to deal with sitting at a formal table, why should the restaurants that children are allowed to go to be fast food restaurants? it's a totally different kind of concept, they can learn to be little kids rather than little children. >> you know what? the problem is not everyone is like you, steven, and that's what, you know, these restaurants are saying. is that parents aren't doing their job in teaching kids
7:27 am
etiquette. i actually went to a restaurant with my daughter before it opened. i asked the local restaurant if i could do that to teach my daughter manners like half-hour before it opened, we sat there. we got a whole lesson but most parents aren't doing their job in that way. >> wow. really good point. i've seen those etiquette classes. i've threatened my kids with them. suddenly they shape up. it's amazing what can happen. steven traub, susan avery, great debate. we'll let our viewers decide. let us know what you think about it. you can twitter me or e-mail us as well. coming up, one of the sticking points, reforming medicare that had $48 million in fraud last year. do you have pms? i guess i'm speaking to the women out there. then get some milk? this billboard got the milk folks in a whole lot of trouble. and what they're doing about it next. then don't mess with trebek. the "jeopardy!" host attacked and left holding crutches. wait until you see the woman who allegedly started it all. k9 advantix ii.
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7:32 am
suffer in the eyes of the world. oh, shut up! ok? we lost that fight the day we sent the cast of "jersey shore" to italy right there. ok? that was over! >> that's totally true. >> it is! >> the people of italy were outraged by this because they thought that -- >> they were. >> right. the people of new jersey were in outrage. >> people in new jersey were outraged originally because the cast was from new york but new jersey was getting the bad rap. >> you and i weren't speaking for a year because of it. because of the reality show. >> it was touch and go there. let's talk a little bit about what's going on on capitol hill. four days, 16 hours, 27 minutes until a possible default. that's what the countdown clock says. in this whole argument, a lot of people have said we really have got to do something about fixing medicare or it's not going to work. in the last year where we have records for, this country spent $500 billion on medicare. that's a lot of money. but 10% of it, about $50 billion
7:33 am
was fraud. and waste. and that needs fixing. >> and the irony of it is that whole report from 2009 to 2010 of $48 billion in fraud was just released yesterday. i mean, so here we are discussing this whole situation about what we should do about the debt in this country. and whether or not we should try to tackle entitlements like medicare and social security. and we have this report coming out and guess what? none of the plans that we're discussing right now attack entitlements. >> yeah 46 million people on medicare, we're not addressing it. harry reid doesn't address it and you have $50 million on medicaid. neither one addresses it. maybe that will come up and it has to come up if the boehner plan goes through and is revisited around thanksgiving because they have to cut $1.8 trillion after this all star committee looks, then they'll have to look at entitlements because only a small portion of the budget is discretionary. >> you would hope so given the fact that so much of our money goes to this particular program so they have spent in the past
7:34 am
year where we have records $48 billion on fraud and waste and now, you know, it's on tap to go even higher so they're having a committee hearing later on today. the inspector general for health and human services is expected to testify. maybe we'll have some answers then. are they going to try to crack down? are they going to try to make it work better? stand by for news. >> more stories making headlines this hour for you. for $500, i was waiting for that sound. there we go. why is 71-year-old "jeopardy!" host alex trebek hobbling on crutches? >> a robber broke into his hotel and he tore his achilles? >> ok. >> that's all i got. >> was it an achilles tendon? >> we'll try to make this work now. i'll read the script. pencils down. >> the answer is -- at 2:30 yesterday morning, chasing a burglar down the hall at my san francisco hotel until
7:35 am
my achilles tendon ruptured and i fell in a heap to the carpeting bruising my other leg in the process. >> he still has the vocabulary, though. police quickly caught lucinda moyers. they say she broke into their hotel room while they were sleeping. still missing a bracelet from his mother. he'll be in a cast for six weeks and he'll have surgery tomorrow. >> meanwhile, a murderer who escaped a florida prison during a power outage back in 1979 back behind bars after 32 years on the run. frederick barrett arrested in a cabin in colorado where he was growing pot. u.s. marshalls made the bust by posing as rangers and talking to him about wildfire danger. as it turns out, he has a distinctive tattoo on his hand
7:36 am
and that gave him away. he was arrested. >> he's aging horribly. current debt crisis delivering a hit to the markets. the nikkei just closed down about 1%. and it's bracing for things to get worse. the dow jones opened up today after being down for four straight days, yesterday, it slid 164 points. the worst performance since june. almost 400 points have been shed during this decline. hopefully it will all bounce back. >> the folks behind the got milk ads got issues now. they're apologizing for this one promoting milk as the answer for pms? the campaign called everything i do is wrong features men complaining about women with pms. who thought of that? a man? critics claimed they fed into the stereotypical idea irrational women when they have pms. the organization just pulling the ads two weeks after launching the campaign. >> meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about what's going on in the weather and the state of texas bracing for tropical storm don.
7:37 am
but many are actually pleaseed with that. the storm expected to make landfall tomorrow night as i move the map north of corpus christi. it would dump a few inches of rain on a region facing an exceptional drought. that's the good news. but the bad news, well, two weeks left in the cotton harvest when farmers would rather don go elsewhere so they can get things done. but as you can see, it will make landfall. not as a hurricane but as a tropical storm. maximum sustained winds of about 60 miles per hour. early on saturday morning. real quickly, let me show you what's going on in the 48 connected states temperaturewise as you head out the door. already mid 80's in kansas city and portions of the missouri valley. out in the ohio valley, temperatures in the 70's. very nice, pleasant start to this thursday. and those temperatures again through the big northeastern cities across much of dixieland and also florida but it's going to warm up a little bit later on today and i think dallas will have the 26th day in a row over
7:38 am
100. as don makes his way to the texas coast. all right. from weather to sports, the countdown to the college football season is under way and this season, there are a few changes to the major football conferences. the pac 10 not the pac 10, it's now the pac 12. bigger, stronger and dare i say better, two more teams. so what else can we expect? how about a fox sports contract. joining us right now, the head coach of stanford university which gretchen says is a good school. i'm looking for a second source is david shaw and john elm bring. welcome, coaches. thank you for quality time here. >> thank you guys. >> let me ask you something, coach embry, when you get the network contract, what does that do for the recruiting? you get fox sports to say we'll televise the pac 12? >> allowses a lot of exposure. we are trying to recruit in california and texas and other parts of the country and now that we're a product that will be seen by everybody and get
7:39 am
that exposure, it will really help us. >> you join this year along with utah and that was a big decision for you. you made it official, was there any hedging there with the university? >> no, you know, actually this process went down to the athletic director and our chancellor made the decision about a year ago and once they made that decision, it was really easy for the rest of us to follow. >> david shaw, you take over stanford, a fine institution according to john mcenroe. that is my second source and you take over for jim harbaugh and you have this guy named andrew luck. luck has it with you. you've taken over a good situation. >> yeah, we feel good about where we are but what i love about our guys is they know there's no momentum carrying into the snext season. whatever we do next year is how hard we're going to work in training camp, that shows how good we can be. >> some people look at your conference in particular and especially the east coast, that's like the pros. you do a lot of passing. will you change your offense to fit in with the other guys,
7:40 am
coach? >> we're going to be a pro style offense. i think that's what kids want to play in so they have an opportunity to showcase their skills to get to the next level, you know, it's a tremendous conference especially for quarterbacks this year. >> when you look at two new schools that have had problems, oregon and usc that have been looked at and sanctioned. there's pressure on programs and administration officials not only to play good football but to make it clean. >> no question. we try to make it be what college football is supposed to be about. we're hard on kids about our education and how hard they play and how they represent us. and they know we have rules and there's repercussions for breaking rules. >> so many great players. look forward to seeing the pac 12 on fox sports this year. so many great matchups and look forward to the championship game. thanks so much for coming down. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> two rivals who seem somewhat friendly, dare i say. look for you to match up head to head. meanwhile at 20 minutes before the top of the hour, demanding to tear down the steel cross at
7:41 am
ground zero. should we strip all religion from the 9/11 memorial so no one is offended? the president of that memorial is here live next. i don't believe he says yes and should tea partiers stick to their guns and say no to a debt deal no matter what? or should they compromise and let voters decide in the next election? the debate is next. first, though, the pfizer trivia question of the day. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil. my name is lacey calvert and i'm a yoga instructor. if i have any soreness, i'm not going to be able to do my job. but once i take advil, i'm able to finish out strong.
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hd video cam for lectures. game pad. have you ever considered this ? it's got all that and more than 200,000 apps. technology to learn and play on-the-go. only at verizon. buy one droid 3 by motorola, the thinnest full qwerty smartphone ever for $199.99, and get another one free. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at >> quick headlines now. more continental flights could
7:45 am
be canceled today because of a suspected pilot sickout. 24 flights were canceled yesterday when the pilots did not show up. they're currently in a heated negotiation to get a new contract. great britain is cracking down on air brushing. banning two new make-up ads. their advertising authority believes the photoshopping in julia roberts and christie turlington's foundation ad is misleading. loreal admits to retouching the women but they still lead to achievable results. i'll stay on this story. >> thank you very much, brian. track that down. the impasse of the budget crisis continues, house speaker john boehner is now urging its fellow republicans to get in line and support his plan. but should the g.o.p. stay strong or save their powder for the 2012 election? we have juan williams, fox news contributor and author of a great new book and didi binke republican political strategist. good morning. juan, let me start with you.
7:46 am
you were of the opinion that even though the tea party members got to washington on a message "we will not waiver." we are going to do our best to cut things. you say they need to compromise now or else we could be heading right into the gutter. >> well, there's no question they put the economy at risk but here's the good news. republicans could throw up their hands and say we won. we pushed this liberal president to make substantial cuts in terms of not only spending but also in terms of entitlements. i mean, it's $3 for every $1 in terms of any tax hike and we're really talking about closing loopholes and eliminating some deductions. we're not talking about substantial tax hikes on anybody who is not a millionaire. >> juan, you're talking about tax hikes. nobody is -- tax hikes aren't on the table anymore. >> that's what i'm saying. it's not even on the table in terms of the boehner plan. >> so you're saying republicans should say look, we've already won so much. that's his point. we've won so much. let's be happy. >> we've not won enough and i do agree with juan that republicans can claim victory. the conservatives and the republican caucus, thank goodness for them.
7:47 am
they're the true patriots there. if not for them, we probably would have a very weak deal. it's unfortunate that the democrats are the ones, especially the president has no plan whatsoever at all. cut, cap and balance is a great plan harry reid said no, don't think so. we're not going to look at it and not going to deal which is terribly irresponsible. and the conservative republicans actually should be trumpeted especially kevin mccarthy because he's one of the ones who recruited the new republicans and he's the one that will get this deal done and now speaker boehner is great but kevin is the one who really is the deal maker here and that is why the boehner plan will work. >> so cut, cap and balance is sitting on harry reid's desk. he's put it on ice for right now and it sounds like there's a good possibility that the boehner bill could wind up in his lap. he's already said yeah, they might send it to us. we're going to chop it up, slice it and dice it. it will be unrecognizable when we're done with it. >> look, i appreciate the argument they're taking place
7:48 am
among republicans. i really appreciate the idea that people say we're standing on principle although i think there's a difference between campaigning and governing especially when you see our economy at risk. but when we are talking today about the competing plans and boehner's plan and why don't the democrats have a plan? you know what? i think you should be in touch with this idea. the american people say we just need you guys to make a deal so that our economy is not at risk. i want to have a job. >> in washington, d.c., the conservative republicans just came from their state. that's why they're not corrupted yet. that's why they're saying hey, we got to cut a deal here and we got to cut, cap and stop this spending. >> that's not cut a deal, dee dee. that's my way or the highway. >> no, it's not. they really should claim victory at this point. they've won the battle but the war is still there which is 2012 so the conservative republicans should. >> i agree with you. let's wait until 2012 when we can have the argument in the political season. >> boehner has the votes.
7:49 am
we'll win that victory and we'll win the war, too. >> you don't have the votes in the senate and you don't have the white house. >> oh, man. debate goes on here in the studio just like in washington, d.c. from the left and the right. juan and dee dee, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> straight ahead, atheists want to tear down the steel cross at ground zero and not allow it to go there. should we strip all religion from the 9/11 memorial so nobody is offended? the president of that memorial here next. first on this date back in 1973, the number one song in america by jim croche, bad, bad leroy brown.
7:50 am
purina cat chow helps you well-being. we're all striving for it. nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life.
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7:53 am
>> answer to the question of the day is this. sally struthers. why are you laughing? did you know it? >> i miss her. >> the winner is ken mosley in clinton, mississippi. >> all right. in the days following september 11th, these steel beams you're about to see in the shape of a cross stood as a beacon of hope among the rubble from the fallen towers. now, atheists have deemed it offensive and are suing to have it removed from the memorial at ground zero. >> joe daniels is president of the national september 11th memorial and museum and joins us now live. good morning to you. >> good morning. i don't get this. this was an artifact from september 11th. two steel beams that formed a cross, there it is right there. and this group has got a problem with it? >> they do. i think it's a pretty ridiculous thing that they're asking. fundamentally, this cross came from the rubble at a time in
7:54 am
this country that was some of the most hellish time on earth, the nine month recovery period. this cross provided a little bit of spiritual comfort, a little bit of religious comfort, a little return of faith to the thousands of workers that were working on the pile. and it's a part of the history and should be in the museum. >> now they're going to sue to have that. it's already been put in place, hasn't it? >> we brought it back on saturday. was outside st. peter's church and we brought it with a very nice ceremony into the memorial museum site. construction workers showed up, recovery workers and the father that conducted those masses, giuliani came. it provided comfort. >> after that, they said we're going to sue. here's the quote from dave silverman, the president of the american atheists organization. the world trade center cross has become a christian icon and been blessed by holy man and presented that their god who couldn't bother to stop the muslim terrorists or prevent 3,000 to be killed in his name
7:55 am
could do nothing less but preserve the cross in the rubble. what a slap to the face to every christian in this nation. >> i think it's offensesive not only for christians but for muslims. the people who died on that day were of all faiths and the people that helped in the recovery effort were of all faiths and this cross provided comfort to everybody regardless of rereligion. >> i'm sure you're going to fight this and working so hard to get this done. for those in new york on a regular basis who were frustrated, what's it like? >> on that day with thousands and thousands of family members from all across the country, we will open the 9/11 memorial for family members. on 9/12, that next day, we will open to the world. people just have to go to and reserve their free pass to this memorial. >> the cross will be there? >> the cross there be at the museum at the memorial site at sacred bedrock. >> lawsuit isn't scaring you
7:56 am
off. >> no. sometimes there are fights that you like to get into. this is one that we feel this artifact tells such an important fact. >> you might have to put a box around it. that's what happened when they sued for that other cross on the west. joe daniels, president of the national september 11th memorial and museum, thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> all right. >> a mom races on to a school bus to help her son. >> could not see him in his seat. he was slumped down in the seat. i did not have visual of my son. there were children standing there that were scared, that were saying we cannot move him. we cannot wake him. >> so why is she now facing jail time? the mom who went on the bus to save her son here to explain. >> and congressman wu out on the street over a scandal with the teenage girl but first, he's going to pocket $1 million. details top of the hour.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: hey, top of the morning. it's thursday, and it's july 28. thank you for sharing your time with us. i'm gretchen carlson. john mccain is quoting the lord of the rings, but was it a big shot at the tea party. listen to this. >> the tea party hobbits could return to middle earth having defeated more gor. >> gretchen: the tea party hobbits. his words, coming up. >> steve: meanwhile, this is just great! congressman wu is leaving washington with nearly a million dollars as a lovely parting gift. details coming up straight ahead. >> brian: call it a miracle on lake huron. not only did this pilot survive after his plane plunged into the water, he treaded water for an entire day. you would think that's impossible. "fox & friends" starts right
8:01 am
now. straight up at 8:00 o'clock, one hour left to go on eastern standard time. inside five days until we finally have an answer to the big question: can we or can we not agree on how to raise the debt ceiling in this country? >> steve: did you see countdown clock? it's four days, 15 hours, 58 minutes and 38 seconds until we could default, according to abc. >> brian: i fill like morally safer will come out of the green room. >> steve: andy rooney is trimming his eyebrows. >> brian: he has never trimmed his eyebrows. >> gretchen: don't stop there, is all i can say. more headlines, f.b.i., joining the search for a missing 11-year-old girl last seen in her new hampshire home on monday night. her parents discovered that she was gone the next morning.
8:02 am
she wasn't in her bedroom. there is no indication of a struggle and no evidence she ran away. she's only 11 years old. moments ago, police in norway announcing that they're going to take another crack at interrogating anders behring breivik tomorrow. this is surveillance video you're watching of when the explosion actually took place. breivik claimed responsibility for killing at least 76 people in that bombing and shooting massacre. this new video from the bomb blast that left eight people dead during this particular episode. surveillance video from inside an electronic store shows the moment of impact, merchandise thrown all over the place, but nobody inside that store was hurt. late last night, a nasty riot on hollywood boulevard outside grahmann's chinese theater. hundreds of people were taking part in a rave when things got out of hand. they started throwing glass bottles at police officers, attacking their cars. officers responded by firing bags. cops busted several people.
8:03 am
the pilot of a cessna that went down over lake huron rescued. but the crash only the beginning of his adventure. he had to swim and tread water without a life jacket for nearly 18 hours. he says he swam around 15 miles towards lights he saw on the horizon until a fishing boat spotted him. his rescuers offered him water but he said no thanks and no more flying. those are your headlines. >> brian: we're getting dangerously close to the deadline on the debt ceiling. so what happens today? why is today such a big day for so many? peter doocy live in dc with the details. >> at about 3:00 o'clock this afternoon, the house will start debating the boehner bill. that's the one republicans are hoping has the best shot at becoming law. raise the debt limit by $900 billion, then cut spending by $1.2 trillion right now and cut a little bit more a little bit later, six months from now, right in the heart of campaign
8:04 am
season. something the republicans who had been resisting supporting this plan are apparently starting to come around. but that doesn't necessarily mean it's got a great shot at becoming law because if it passes the house, it's going to hit a road block in the senate where all 53 democrats said in a letter to speaker boehner yesterday that there is no way they'll support it. they would much prefer their leaders' harry reid's plan, the one that raises the debt limit one time, $2.4 trillion and cuts a little more than that, $2.7 trillion and that would last through the 2012 election and into 2013. but that plan isn't likely to have the 60 votes that it needs to pass, which means it's likely back to the negotiating table. both sides keep saying they're motivated by that august 2 deadline, that's five days from now, next tuesday. something else on the calendar to keep an eye on. congress' august recess which you would think they want to start on time is scheduled to start after they leave work on the 5th, which is next friday. >> steve: of course, they want to get out of town. thank you very much for the live
8:05 am
report. let's go out to colorado springs where we are joined by michelle malkin. good morning to you. >> good morning, sir. >> steve: i'm sure you've been listening to this democratic narrative that the leadership of the gop is beholden to the tea party, they're pandering to the tea party and the tea party are a bunch of crazy right wing extremists hell bent on breaking everything. listen to a couple of sound bites and then your reaction. >> i really believe it's time for the house republicans to face facts. they're struggling to save the tea party bill. it's not a balanced solution. at the end of the day, it does matter if speaker boehner's bill passes or fails. the way to resolve this crisis is to ignore the extremists and meet them middle of the road. >> the speaker is wasting precious time. every day he spends twisting arms in his caucus, we careen closer to catastrophic default. how many times does we have to
8:06 am
throw red meat to the extreme right in his caucus to please them? enough already. let's get moving and get something real done. >> steve: all right. let's get moving. what do you think, michelle? >> they sound like such programmed androids. they don't even believe their own rhetoric and spin anymore. it's been two years that they've been calling the tea party right wing extremists who are out of touch with america and reality. okay. we get it. and, of course, the reality is that so many tea party grassroots activists are very unhappy with the compromise bill that boehner is putting forward and as many conservatives on the hill and outside the hill believe is being forced down their throats. i mean, there has been so much rancor on the right. i think it's a welcome and healthy thing and the good news is to look at the bright side for a moment, that despite all of the disagreement there is among conservatives, we're the
8:07 am
ones who are putting forth the ideas, have the initiative, have the solutions. at least we have something to debate, which is something you can't say about the other side. >> brian: senator schumer called out the tea party, nothing new. seeing john mccain have a problem with the tea party, perhaps "wall street journal" had a major issue with the tea party and their role in this debt ceiling process, john mccain read from the "wall street journal" on the senate floor. listen. >> the tea party hobbits could return to middle earth having defeated mordor. this is the kind of crack political thinking that turns sharron angle and christine o'donnell into gop senate nominees. the reality is that the debt limit will be raised one way or another and the only issue now is how -- with how much fiscal reform and what political fallout. >> brian: so does he have a point in his own -- by reading
8:08 am
the "wall street journal," that somehow is this is the best deal you can get, republicans realize that, you only have one chamber in washington? >> there is this layer, this segment of the washington elite who, every time conservatives demand that they stand on principle, turn around, throw those same conservatives that help put them in office mistakennenly under the bus and wag their fingers that those of us who stand on principle need to grow up and be adults and learn to compromise and swallow the compromised, watered down pablum that they put there in the first place. may i remind the maverick that he actually shares something in common with sharron angle and christine o'donnell and that is they all lost the last time they pursued higher office. the republican party has lost in the past because of this adherence to the kind of big
8:09 am
government conservatism, big government republicanism that mccain stood for and campaigned for and lost on in 2008. >> gretchen: i was wondering if he would have said the same thing during the time when he was running for reelection and sarah palin was in arizona campaigning for him since she's a member of the tea party as well. i got to move to the next topic. congressman wu, he is a democrat from oregon who was caught in the tiger suit a couple months ago and now in a lurid relationship with an 18-year-old apparently. so he is going to resign, but won't resign before voting on the debt. i guess this is -- we shouldn't expect anything less, right, because probably, i don't know, republican would do the same thing? what do you think? >> well, look, i don't lower my standards for any of these washington swamp creatures. i think what's interesting, most interesting about this scandal is it's not just a personal scandal as white house spokesman jay carney said the other day. this is a systemic party scandal
8:10 am
because it's the enablers of this creep, the nancy pelosis, the democrat women who said nothing, buried their heads in the sand for all of the months and prolonged time that this was going on, who bare some blame in this and who will have no accountability. this guy may creep and go away gently into the night at some point, we don't know when. i mean, that's what's so funny. all the headlines say he's going to resign, but it's contingent as he said in his resignation letter, on the debt crisis being solved. not going to happen any time soon. >> brian: is it easier to get rid of gadhafi or him. he leaves with a million bucks? >> that's what they're saying. that's what his pension retirement benefits will be and the taxpayers in oregon really bear some blame as well because this guy is a seven-term congressman even though he had a history that dated back to his college days of this allegedly sexually aggressive, bizarre, erratic behavior. >> steve: you detail it all in a great column that you wrote day
8:11 am
before yesterday. michelle malkin, thank you very much for joining us on this thursday. have a fantastic week and we'll see you back in the same chair next thursday. >> you bet. you, too. >> steve: bye-bye. >> gretchen: here is a mom, she thought her son was in danger on a school bus, so she jumped on board the bus. listen to this. >> i could not see him in the seat. he was slumped down in the seat. i did not have visual of my son. there were children standing there that were scared, that were saying, we can not move him or wake him. >> gretchen: but her maternal instinct could put her behind bars now? that mom is going to be here live moments away. >> steve: then having trouble buying a house? what if you can't get a loan? don't be so quick to sign a lease. bob massy with what you need to know to protect your family in the long run. he's coming up next.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> steve: part of the american dream is owning a house, but due to the mortgage crisis, fewer americans are get a home loan these days. however, there is a new way to get a new house, lease with the option to buy. but if you're not careful, it could cost you big time down the road. real estate guru bob massi joins us from las vegas wearing his seer sucker. you look sharp. >> thank you. >> steve: i've heard of leasing those hotels and office space behind you. i've heard about leasing commercial space, but never a house. >> the thing is, lease options have been around a long time, but because of the foreclosure crisis, basically because a lot of people don't have the credit to buy, whether you've been foreclosed on or not, a lease
8:16 am
with an option to buy means you rent a home, but you have an expectation that things are going to get better for you and you love the home so much that you want to have the option at some point in the future to buy that home and that is the concept of a lease option. it's more prevalent now than it has been over the last 15 or 20 years. >> steve: this is good for people who don't qualify for a mortgage these days. they can get into a house and if they make their payments, they can buy it down the road? >> yes. but here is the thing. when you do a lease option, let's say i wanted to buy your home, steve, so you have an investment home. okay, you're going to say, bob, i want option money. i want some money given to me so that if you exercise that option, i have it. so you may say, i want $5,000 or $10,000 to exercise that option of buying in two years. nothing wrong with that. here is the thing. you want to make sure if you're the person that's lease option,
8:17 am
that money goes into a third party escrow so that if you decide two years from now, steve, i'm going to buy your home, that money is there. but what if i decide no? what happens to that money? it should be refundable to you. very important, steve, that people who do lease options, they have a professional duty agreement and explain the concept of lease option. >> steve: so that's what you need to know. how do you figure out the purchase price, because you got that option there, too? >> exactly. most lease options agreements, a homeowner is not going to agree now because of the way values are. basically what they say is that when you exercise the option, we will put a value, fair market value on the home at the time that you exercise that option. if you have a disagreement, you get a couple of appraisals to make sure that it's the fair market value of the home. >> steve: so you detail the importance of making sure that the option money is in a third
8:18 am
party's hands. this actually sounds like a fantastic idea for people who just simply cannot get the credit together to get a mortgage these days. >> yeah. you know what? we're going to cover some things on credit the next two or three weeks to let people know that really fico scores are not that difficult to build back up. we're going to show some ways you can do it to give people the hope that, in fact, you will own again and lease option is something that's out there as a vehicle to ultimately own a home in the future. >> steve: excellent information. bob massi joining us today from las vegas. thank you very much. >> seer sucker. >> steve: looking sharp. by the way, he's got great answers to great questions. but we need your questions if you got one for bob massi, e-mail them to us. next up on the rundown, she raced on to her son's school bus because she thought he needed help. now she is facing jail time. the mother is here live coming up next.
8:19 am
then what has it been? a week since we outsourced our space program to the russians? guess what. the russians announced they're going to sink the international space station in the ocean. sleep with the fishes. turn left.
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>> brian: quick headlines and then gretchen has something important. more continental flights could be canceled today because of a suspected pilot sickout. 24 flights canceled yesterday when the pilots didn't show up.
8:23 am
they were sick. they currently are in heated contract negotiations. i don't know if it's a coincidence. just a few days after we outsourced our shuttle mission to the russians, russia announced it's going to sink the international space station in around 2020. they're literally going to sink it in the pacific ocean, it cannot be left in orbit because it's too complex and heavy and could hit us in the head. >> gretchen: thanks. yesterday we told you this unbelievable story about a pennsylvania mom. she boarded a school bus in order to rescue her five-year-old who she thought was having a medical emergency and now she could get jail time? how is that even possible? tara and her attorney join us to tell us exactly what happened. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: jeff, you have an update in this case. is it because of the public outcry that the district attorney now may not press these charges on your client anymore? >> as of yesterday, i received notification from his office that he is seeking to dismiss the charges. now, whether or not the court
8:24 am
will grant that, that's up to the court. but we're hopeful that's actually going to occur. >> gretchen: amazing that it even got to this point. eight months ago in december, you see the school bus pull up, you go out to get your son and what happens? >> as i was walking down there, i seen children around his assigned seat and he was not coming off the bus and they started yelling help, we can't move him. we can't wake him. >> gretchen: you're an e.r. nurse. you're a mom, first and most importantly. >> yes. >> gretchen: you must have panicked. your first instinct was to get on the bus and help him! the bus driver told you not to come on the bus. you still went on. >> as i was getting on the bus, i could not see my son and my focus was on him, so i don't recall she even said anything, i went right to my son. >> gretchen: you found out he was simply in a deep sleep. >> right. >> gretchen: so you aroused him and took him off the bus. >> yes. >> gretchen: pick up the story. what happened? she is suddenly charged with a crime? >> the trooper told her after he investigated it, we're not going
8:25 am
to charge you. four months later, out of the blue, she gets a complaint in the mail and then she gets fingerprinted and photographed. >> gretchen: what would the crime be? entering a bus? is that a crime? >> unauthorized entry onto a school bus. it's third degree misdemeanor in pennsylvania, maximum penalty is a year in jail and $2,500 fine. >> gretchen: it's interesting because you have proof of a precedent in the sense that you have a picture of your husband taking your son on the bus on the first day of kindergarten and so he's philly on the bus -- physically on the bus in this picture. is he going to be charged in this, too? >> i hope not. >> i think that -- no. absolutely not. i think obviously on that particular day, same bus, same bus driver, he was given authorization and permission to do so. so my client obviously had no idea that that was a crime. >> gretchen: if the d.a. -- obviously the d.a. is succumbing to the public pressure, would you say, because now asking just yesterday after this story broke
8:26 am
to drop the charges against tara? >> absolutely. i think there is a lot of pressure. local press covered this story extensively. it's just a shame that it took five days in the court of public opinion to acquit my client and it took the d.a. eight months to figure out that these charges shouldn't have even been filed. >> gretchen: tara, if your son was in distress again, would you get on the bus to see if he's okay? >> i'm going to protect my children, absolutely. >> gretchen: like most parents probably would do. keep us mosted on where this case goes and we really appreciate you coming on and telling your story. >> thank you. >> gretchen: let's go out to steve and brian. >> steve: all right. thanks very much. brian, come over here. we've got eric here because how is the economy really doing? we're about to get an cup date from the labor department. eric bolling, who is standing right here, will react to the new numbers coming up next. >> 15 in a row, 400,000 or more, bad numbers. so hopefully we dip below it.
8:27 am
>> brian: really? did you know that toxic cloud at ground zero did not cause cancer? that's what the government is saying. peter johnson, jr. disagrees. he represents rescue workers with similar cases and wants to take a look at that study. we'll do it. >> david beckham, thanks to the birth of his baby girl, brian is one on one. >> steve: brian loves beckham. it's a romance! dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪
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a fox business alert. the labor department just releasing the latest weekly jobless numbers. 398,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. they were thinking it could around 415, so it's less than expected. eric bolling joins us live. this is a step in the right direction. >> absolutely. the first time in 16 weeks we had 15 weeks in a row where that number was above 400,000 first-time initial jobless claims, meaning people for the first time asked for benefits for the week. so dropping below 400,000 is a good sign, especially given what's going on in dc with all this budget nonsense going on. so that means people are maybe finding work. again, you want to see that
8:32 am
number, 350,000 or below in extending months going forward. for an economy to create jobs, it needs to be below 350. >> gretchen: one of the things that people have been questioning is whether or not this deadline next tuesday is a hard and fast deadline, specifically because the treasury secretary moved the original deadline from april to august 2. let's listen to the spokesperson for the president, jay carney. >> i invite people and don't count on me, talk to economists and business leaders -- if they're so convinced that this is all made up, you know, buy and hold. see what happens. tell your members of congress, don't worry about it. i mean, honestly, it's just a false argument. it is the gorilla dust that i talked about. this is real and dangerous. there is a reason why it's never
8:33 am
happened before. because it's dangerous territory. >> steve: real and dangerous. he was right, though. >> we should buy and hold and see what happens. gretchen, we were on this couch a month ago saying listen, don't worry about the initial default date because it wouldn't matter. i said, it wouldn't matter. oh, no, no, that's going to be horrible, all the blogs picked it up and said boling is an idiot. this deadline could come and go. we take in -- i'm sorry. we put out $300 billion. we take in $175 billion per month. that means we could pay medicare, we could pay medicaid. we could pay social security. we could pay the military -- >> brian: but is it true that some wouldn't get paid? >> more importantly, we could pay the debt because moody's and s & p downgrade whether or not the country, the government is paying the department. they don't -- debt.
8:34 am
they care about the debt. >> brian: we only have enough money to pay 70% of our bills. there will still be 30% of the bills we can't pay for? >> housing and urban development programs, education department, small business department. those can wait. not like they won't be paid, they just have to be maybe accrued and paid later. >> gretchen: you got a crystal ball, are they going to have a deal by august 2? >> my guess, you know what happens august 8? they go on recess. both sides of congress. congress and senate go on recess for four weeks in congress, five weeks in the senate or the other way around. my guess they'll get that done before that date, august 2 is irrelevant. but that's the date they want to go back home. they'll get it done. >> brian: we'll see you on the five at 5:00 o'clock. there he is. 26 minutes before the top of the hour. more stories coming your way. how about this one? a convicted murderer who escaped a florida prison during a power outage in 1979 back behind bars.
8:35 am
remember the son of sam was around then. after 32 years on the run, frederick bare receipt arrested in a cabin in colorado where he was growing pot. they posed as rangers and talked about wild fire danger. a tattoo on his hand gave him away. >> steve: he said the polar bears are dying because of global warming. but that claim has one scientist in hot water himself. charles monet, a government scientist in alaska wrote a 2004 article about polar bears drowning in the arctic. those oh,s spurred -- observations spurred the warming movement. he was put on leave pending an investigation into integrity issues. possibly linked to that article. we'll keep you posted. >> gretchen: a couple of prisoners thought they would try and pull a shashank in real life.
8:36 am
tim robbins got a lot farther than two british inmates who dug through a cell wall and disguised it with we were bricks, but guards saw brick dust on the wall, stopping the escape. both men have been transferred to new prisons. >> brian: why is 71-year-old jeopardy host alex trebek hobbling around on crutches? let him explain. >> steve: i don't know, brian. >> at 2:30 yesterday morning, chasing a burglar down the hall at my san francisco hotel until my achille's tendon ruptured and i fell to the carpet, bruising my other leg in the process. >> brian: there you go. police quickly caught the woman who broke into trebek's hotel
8:37 am
room where he and his wife were sleeping. still missing, the cash, his wallet and a bracelet from his mom. he'll have surgery tomorrow and be in a cast for six weeks. >> gretchen: i wonder if he put that thing -- what's that called? the latch that you're supposed to put on the hotel room? >> steve: the double lock. >> brian: she was robbing a lot of people. >> gretchen: i think. >> steve: meanwhile, take at that look. we're looking out at the gulf coast as the state of texas bracing for tropical storm don. a lot of people are happy about don. the storm expected to make landfall tomorrow night north of corpus christi. as you can see, not a hurricane, but as a tropical storm, maximum sustained winds at 60 miles per hour. the bad news is the tropical storm is heading their way. the good news is, it could dump a few inches of rain on an area that has had a terrible drought and also very, very hot. it looks as if down in dallas-fort worth today, they'll wind up with another day north
8:38 am
of 100. current readings as you head out on this thursday right now, it's 82 in dallas. 80 in raleigh. and in chicago land, it is 74. that's your travelcast. >> brian: a few hours ago, david beckham was playing against manchester, but a little before that, he was able to sit down with us and talk about his career, which you heard about in the first hour, now he talks about his family, including some exciting news. your family got bigger. your daughter is born. what has she added to the house? >> a lot of pink, a lot of lilac, and a lot of diapers. but a lot of dirty diapers. but, you know, it's amazing, we feel so blessed to have three
8:39 am
healthy boys and a beautiful family and now obviously a little girl in the mix. it's new for us all. i'm used to carrying my boys around and doing boy stuff and now we've got a little girl in the house. she's a little proper little girl. even the way she sleeps and the way she is. >> brian: harper. >> is that sign language? >> brian: anything to do with seinfeld? >> you're serious? >> yeah, it's a beautiful name. >> no, oddly enough. seven, i think everyone assumed it was because i wore number 7 and it was a big part of my career. and part of it is. i was so successful and it was such a lucky number for me. but also it's a very spiritual number. it's a very strong number. it's a very lucky number. >> brian: i talked to mickey
8:40 am
mantle and he said i didn't spend time with my sons like my dad with me. he's an unbelievable baseball player. he said it's a shame because the youngest one who at the time was 40 something, he could have been a major leaguer, but he was able to assess the talent even back then. do you look at your kids sometime and say, you know, i think they have it or i don't know how good they can be? do you see that talent in them? >> i definitely see that talent. i definitely see they've got the kind of a sporty genes. they love to be outside. they love playing sports. >> brian: i've seen you with them. >> yeah. all they want to do is from the moment they wake up 'til the moment they sleep is play sports or play soccer. >> brian: your family, you grew up hungry, blue collar, player and you made it to superstar dom. are you worried your kids won't be as hungry because they have so much more than you have? have you guarded against that and maybe talked to other very
8:41 am
famous people that happen to be your friends about that? >> we're a very grounded family, you know. i think if i was any different, then my dad would have whipped my backside if i wasn't a grounded person, even i'm 36 years old. my wife was brought up the same. we're very strict with our children. we try to give them as normal upbringing as possible. they still do everything that any other child does and loves to do. but, of course, you know, you always think, are your children going to be as hungry as i was or as my wife was when we were kids. and it's about how you bring them up and my boys love playing soccer, but they also love playing other sports. there is no pressure on their mom pushing them into playing soccer. >> brian: one of them is with an academy team already. >> gretchen: it sounds like he's
8:42 am
so sensible, as far as he has this glamorous life, but he has wonderful parenting skills. i love how he said sporty gene. >> brian: it took me a moment to process that, does it mean yes or no? that's also a scent in sport. >> gretchen: oh,. >> brian: it was great. meanwhile, straight ahead, our government says the toxic cloud at ground zero did not cause cancer. that means first responders will not get any federal money to pay their health bills. peter johnson, jr. outraged by this. he represents rescue workers with similar cases. >> gretchen: the gang of six republican, senator coburn is predicting the end of our republic as we know it. he's here live to explain. [ male annocer ] things seem better with travelocity's best price guarantee.
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>> gretchen: breaking news right now. at least one u.s. military serviceman under arrest, accused of planning another attack on fort hood. fox news confirming the exclusive details at this early hour. according to an army source, the soldier who was awol is in custody of the killeen police department in texas. he was not captured on the base. according to another source, two other u.s. soldiers were also arrested earlier today found to be in possession of weapons and explosives. fort hood, the scene of that massacre back in november 2009, major nidal malik hasan accused of murdering 13 people, including a pregnant woman. he's facing a military trial next march. keep it right here on fox for more details on this. brian? >> brian: what is going on? disappointing news, major. the government's ground zero czar concluded there is not enough evidence to link the dust and smoke from september 11 or
8:47 am
the air from the terrorist attack to cancer in rescue and recovery workers at the scene. this is ignited the fury of 9-11 advocates. >> i have been to 53 funeral, 51 were because the person died of cancer. don't tell me that cancer shouldn't be added to this bill. >> brian: the cancer suffering 9-11 first responders have enough of a case to be able to get compensation? let's ask peter johnson, jr. >> i happen to represent a bunch of people that suffered cancer as a result of working to recover their children, their relatives and friends at ground zero. and they have suffered from cancer. they may die from cancer because of what they were exposed to at 9-11. so what we have now is a fundamental, incredible copout by the federal government not based on science. based on junk science. we've heard a lot about junk science. this is the ultimate junk science. what the government has said is we don't have a lot of studies
8:48 am
out there that directly prove that people were caused cancer, prostate cancers, testicle cancer, blood cancers, leukemia, lymphoma, a string of multiple myelomas in young people that went to that area. they say, we don't have the studies, but we do know that of the 287 chemicals that these people were exposed to, dozens of them cause cancer and are known to be cancer causing agents. >> brian: mayor bloomberg says you have to respect the science. this bill actually covered acid reflux, sleep apnea, consumer tunnel syndrome. >> asthma, all the legitimate things caused by exposure to 9-11. but what now the federal government, which has trumpeted itself and the obama administration said, we need a health care system that doesn't exclude people. we need a health care system that doesn't punish the president's mother for having
8:49 am
cancer or grandmother, so we have a bill now that specifically excludes those with cancer and now a physician on behalf of the government that says, i'll come back in 2012 and i'll see how many more people died. this study does not include reports from physicians. this study does not include reports from medical examiners. i'm sorry to get angry about it, but i've lost friends there. we've all lost friends and family there and for this government to walk away from the obligation of police officers, firefighters, first aid workers, and people in that community that went in to that waste and that mess and that human condition that was horrible, that's wrong! that's not american and there has got to be something done about it and i'm going to stay on it. i'm not walking away from it. >> brian: thank you very much. all right. coming up straight ahead, it's the end of america as we know it. that is senator tom coburn's words and that's his prediction if we don't fix the debt. what's he going to do about it?
8:50 am
the gang of six member here next live. first, let's check in with alisyn camerota for what's on at the top of the hour. >> will john boehner's budget plan pass the house vot today? the speaker has told his fellow gop lawmakers to get your rear in gear, though he phrased it slightly differently. we'll talk to congressman ron paul about why he will not be following his leader's advice. plus, the supreme court may hear a challenge to president obama's health care reform law. will it be overturned? more when bill and i see you in ten minutes.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> steve: five days and counting until the debt ceiling deadline. now our next guest says lawmakers have handled this debate the wrong way and if they don't come to an agreement, it could be, quote, the end of our
8:54 am
republic as we know it. >> gretchen: joining us, oklahoma senator and member of the gang of six, republican tom coburn. what did you mean by that? >> good morning. i think, first of all, if we don't get our debt under control and i'm talking significant, we'll be in an irreversible spiral where we can't control the interest costs. we'll be just like that person that has five credit cards that they're making the minimum payments on the interest and then they have to get the sixth one to cover this month and nobody is going to loan us the sixth one. it's like bernanke said, we'll either fix these things on our own or we'll fix them because nobody is ever going to loan us the money. now is the time to be thinking long-term to do the big things, to actually solve the problem. >> steve: sure. that's why you came out with your idea that would trim $9 trillion from the deficit in ten years. of course, nobody took that up. right now the main thing is john boehner's bill.
8:55 am
they're going to vote on it in the house later on today. you got harry reid saying yeah, if it gets here, we're going to chop it up and a whole bunch of democratic senators saying it's d.o.a. does that seem like an accurate assessment of the temperature there in the senate? >> i don't think so. i think it's all just jaw boning and the politics of the day. if you think through the process of a bill coming from the house, cloture on the move, then 30 hours on the bill, you're talking next tuesday morning. so if they change it, they're past. it's going to be very tough for them to do significant change. i think what you see is positioning now. >> gretchen: so senator, do you think there is any way they come back to your plan from the gang of six? >> no. i don't think you can do that because -- unless you gave a certain amount of time to accomplish it. the important thing is we've got
8:56 am
to get over the next ten years, 8 to $9 trillion out of our government. that's about 12 to 15%, maybe 18%. if, in fact, we're going to have a viable future. what we know is the size of government right now and our debt is blocking the creation of at least a million jobs a year, right now, the government, because of its size, is blocking the creation of at least a million jobs a year and cutting gdp at least 1% a year. >> steve: tom coburn, senator from oklahoma, we thank you for joining us today. >> you're welcome. >> steve: on another slow news day on capitol hill. thank you, sir. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends" two minutes away. k9 advantix ii. not only kills fleas and tick it repels most ticks before they can attach and snk on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. any tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us.
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>> gretchen: the all american summer concert series continues "

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